New stuff! (Rondom Vendor item) for Project RandoMuseum

*Y's HOUSE* CHIBI Stool [Ethnic] for Project RandoMuseum (Rondom Vendor item)
*Y's HOUSE* CHIBI Stool [Ethnic] for Project RandoMuseum (Rondom Vendor item)
Project RandoMuseum

□Event Name

6/25 0:00-7/24 0:00(日本時間)


*Y's HOUSE* Rondom Vendor

□Aim of This Event
Thank you for all Linden residents from Japan, now it's our turn to announce 'Thank you, We Japanese are fine!"

□Outline and Image of This Event
Used Random Vender (Gatcha) system. RandoMuseum venue is constructed imaging the art museum and each creators' prizes are shown as its museum's exibits.
Also these exibits are Random Vendors then they pays each shop's prize and CARD at random.
You can exchange from the card to special prize. See the each creators' special prize at RandoMuseum venue's gold frame.

2 types cads are arrivable, "RandoMuseum normal card" and "RandoMuseum multi card"
"RandoMuseum normal card"... You can exchange EACH creator's special prize.
"RandoMuseum multi card"... You can exchange special prize what you love.

Touch to gold frame to TP the store to get the special prize in both cases.
Card will desappear once you exchange to special prize.
Attention; Some venders are not provided special prize. Check the gold frame at the venue.
(We, *Y's HOUSE* made only stools for gacha this time.)

□See below how to exchange from the card to the special prize.

**The Closet** / [Luce.] / tram / tomoto, / KAO / "anuenue.
=random kitten= / BALACLAVA!! / *mikan / COYURA CREATION
BP* / HPMD / =Feather= / bitter vanilla / ISSIGONIS / NINIKO
Atelier AM / ARAI / [pivaaca] / :pesca: / izm. / Love Soul / fore
*devitant girls* / RUDE REBEL / poche MNK*SHOP / DownDownDown
graph* / booN / *Y's HOUSE* / *chronokit* / = Hal*Hina =
[solita] / couverture / Oyakin / NODe+ / Picnic