New stuff and Group gift.


We released new house.
We made this house for creation and spending private time, with image of a simple studio(atelier) by the sea.

There is a show house above our store with some miscellaneous goods made for KOUBOU.
Touch the Teleporter in our store, and you can tp to the show house.
Please come and see our new releases.


And....We made a skybox for group gift. This skybox is one third size of KOUBOU.
(same size as one room of KOUBOU)

The group gift is in the courtyard of show house "KOUBOU".
Touch the "Teleporter [Group Gift ]" in second floor of our store, and you can tp to the show house.
Please activate the group tag and touch the signboard, and you can get it.

You can get the group gift from 10th of March to 17th of March(JPT).
*Please notice, we never set same gift again, never have a plan for sell this skybox, never extend the term.


We set many other new releases in our store, and in show house "KOUBOU".
Every poses are made by shimako Bade (in charge of poses/animation in *Y's HOUSE*) with his respection for quality.
We hope you will like them!

1.Garden Stool(includes 6 sitting poses for relax)
2."Volets" Partition (includes 9 standing poses for shooting)
3.Remake Chest of Drawer(includes 1 "seaching" pose / texture changable)
4.and some lamps..etc...

Please come to our store, and see and try the new releases.


*Y's HOUSE* Group